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Leverage the Power of Meroku: Reserve your app namespaces, add metadata and publish your builds to create a secure and transparent app distribution system. Get started today by creating your app profiles and enjoy automatic distribution across all Meroku-enabled app stores. Available for web, Android, and iOS.

Decentralized app registry

Censorship resistant

Free mint & global distribution


Developers can build and integrate their apps with other apps or platforms in a trustless and seamless manner using our blockchain-based app registry.

No Censorship

Our app registry is decentralized and operates on Polygon, providing a trustless and transparent system that is resistant to censorship and manipulation.

Free Distribution

Developers can easily reach a wider audience and are  automatically eligible  for free distribution on app stores built on the protocol.

User Owners

Our app registry is built on NFTs, giving users complete ownership and control over their apps and their associated data.

User Ownership

Our app registry is built on NFTs, giving users complete ownership and control over their apps and their associated data.

Easy Deployment

Developers can easily deploy and manage their apps on the registry, as it provides tools and resources for analytics, tracking, and integration.

Built with  the biggest and the best in tech.

Collaborate and Innovate: Meroku thrives on community collaboration. Join us and contribute to creating a cutting-edge decentralized app store ecosystem.

Can i customize my .dev or .app NFT

Yes, once you have minted these NFTs, you can add the metadata corresponding to them. Example in the .app NFT you can add details like name, url, published version, screenshots, banner etc. In the .dev NFT you can add details of the publishing team like name, url, support section and more.

What types of domains can i register with Meroku

You can register .app, .dev and .appstore. As a development team if you are building apps, you would want to mint .app and .dev NFTs. If you are a team building app stores, then you would need to mint .appstore and .dev NFTs.

How do I claim my own .dev or .app NFT?

Simply search for the name that you want. If that is available, you will have the option to mint it. If it's not available, it may be on sale. In that case, check out the marketplace to see domains up for sale.

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